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&dnarr; DriveCAD generation of 2D/3D product models
Generation of 2D/3D product models
&dnarr; Newsletter Subscription to DriveLetter or the Documentation newsletter
Subscription to DriveLetter or the Documentation newsletter.
&dnarr; SEW Workbench Registration for SEW Workbench, tools for product selection and project planning for drive systems
The SEW Workbench is a planning and configuration tool for specifying SEW-EURODRIVE products. The SEW Workbench includes a complete electronic product catalog, all the required documentation, and an option for creating individual CAD files. In this way you can easily and quickly create complex configurations and check their functions virtually.The Workbench is supplied on a DVD, which you can order under "Software".Once you have installed the Workbench, you have to activate it in DriveGate to being able to use the full functionality.
&dnarr; Spare parts lists* Search and download
In DriveGate, you can search for more than 5000 spare parts lists of all gear units, motors and accessories even of older generations of SEW-EURODRIVE products. Various input options are available for this purpose.

The spare parts lists are available in eight languages. Various search options offer you many possibilities to find the required spare parts list.

*You need an activation for this DriveGate application. You can request activation after login to DriveGate.